About Us

Ranmuthu Hotel & Restaurant is testimony to the remarkable entrepreneurial career of Mr. W. A. P. Wijethunge, a Sri Lankan restauranteur, spanning three decades. From his humble beginnings as a manufacturer of sweetmeat and chef, today, he runs Ranmuthu Hotel & Restaurant, a mid-level restaurant in the historically important township of Avissawella, located in the storied valley of Kelani river.

Built to seat some fifty guests at a time, the restaurant is highly famous in the locality for its service & quality, which the founder and owner Mr. Wijethunge unrelentingly insists on constantly. He’s so particular about it that he’s gone on to put together a separate printed manifesto on the matter, a commendable step for a restaurant of any class.

The specials of Ranmuthu Hotel & Restaurant includes the breakfast & lunch buffet of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. For dinner, you can choose between Indian & Chinese cuisine. Also, we take a keen interest in offering fresh juices to the Sri Lankans.

Among the attractions nearby are the Seethawaka botanical garden and the remains of a palace that’s known to have been home to King Rajasinghe, the belligerent monarch.

Conveniently located with a good ambience, Ranmuthu Hotel & Restaurant makes an excellent casual dining place that serves great food for a fair price.

Ample Parking Space
Convenient Location
Tradition & Modernity
The Finest Cuisine
Tastefully Furnished
Hot & Spicy